Optometry in Clermont

Optometry in Clermont

Astigmatism in Clermont

Astigmatism is an irregular curvature of the cornea, which can cause a refractory error. Nearly everyone has astigmatism to some degree, the extent to which the cornea is curved determines whether or not the person experiences a problem with his/her vision and to what degree. It also determines whether or not treatment is needed and what type. Our optometry in Clermont practice can help you diagnose whether you have astigmatism and the best treatment solution for you.

According to the doctor at the Optical Outlets optometry in Clermont shop, a normal eye is spherical in shape and when light enters it refracts evenly creating a clear vision of the object. An eye with astigmatism is shaped like the back of a spoon, light entering the eye is refracted more in one direction, so only one part of the object is in focus at a time. To a person with astigmatism an object at any distance can appear blurry and wavy, depending on the degree of curvature. Symptoms of astigmatism include headaches, fatigue, blurry vision and eye strain. Since these same symptoms can signal many different disorders, an eye examination at our office is the best way to determine if astigmatism is the cause of the problem. Our practice recommends regular eye exams because astigmatism can worsen over time, often at a slow rate.

The good news is that almost all cases of astigmatism can be treated through the use of properly prescribes eyeglasses or contact lenses from our optometry in Clermont shop. Contact lenses or glasses are usually prescribed for people with a moderate or high degree of astigmatism, or those that also have other vision problems, such as nearsightedness or farsightedness. If only a mild case of astigmatism is present with no other vision problems then the patient usually doesn’t need any treatment at all. In some more extreme cases refractive surgery may be recommended. For those who are best helped by wearing corrective lenses, a special type of lens, called a toric lens is usually prescribed. Please visit our office to determine what your vision needs are and how we can help you see your best.

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