Optometrist in Clermont

Optometrist in Clermont

Dry eyes in Clermont

Whatever the cause of your dry eyes, you can alleviate the effects in the vast majority of cases with a combination of treatment and lifestyle adjustments. At Optical Outlets, we want you to experience the best possible eye function, and that includes ensuring that they have the proper amount of lubrication.

Environmental factors can either cause dry eyes or can make them worse. Among them are exposure to wind, and indoor heat. It’s also true that smoke, your own and second hand, can contribute to the problem. If you work a great deal in front of a computer, you may also experience dry eyes. All of the above could be in addition to your eyes not producing the right amount of tears, or the composition of those tears being of poor quality. So with all the potential causes, it makes sense to come in and see our optometrist in Clermont for expert attention, especially if you have symptoms such as discomfort, a feeling as if something is in your eye, sensitivity to light, or redness. In addition conducting an eye examination, our optometrist in Clermont may also perform tests to measure the volume of tears and the quality of them. Fortunately, in most cases it is possible to counteract the impact of dry eyes with artificial tears, a type of eye drops that restores needed moisture. In more severe cases, other forms of treatment might be required. And if the problem keeps recurring, it’s possible that tear duct surgery could be helpful. The good news is that this is not common. In addition, you might want to consider a humidifier at home, and it’s a good idea to wear either sunglasses or eyeglasses outside on windy days.

Our office will schedule an appointment for you to see our optometrist in Clermont, so reach out to us to set up a time.

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