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Kids Optometrist in Clermont

It is very important that both children and adults have their eyes checked periodically to make sure that the eyes are healthy and that no vision problems are developing. Even though your children’s eyes may be tested in school, they are only having their vision tested to make sure that your child can see at a distance. However, the vision test that your child receives at school does not check to see whether he or she can also see close up so that they can read a book or see the computer. There are also many different eye problems which will never be diagnosed by a simple distance vision exam. For all these reasons, you will want to make sure that your child visits our kids optometrist in Clermont for a comprehensive vision exam.

Often times when children have trouble seeing at school they do not even think to mention this to their parents. Instead, they continue to suffer with this vision problem which can be affecting their school work and other aspects of their life. Vision problems have even been mistakenly diagnosed as learning disabilities in some children. Children with vision problems can even develop behavioral problems brought on by frustration of not being able to see clearly. However, when you bring your child to see our kids optometrist in Clermont at Optical Outlets, you can be sure that your child will receive an excellent and comprehensive vision exam.

There are many different eye problems which can affect your child. When it comes to optical health, the old adage is certainly true that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Your child may have a vision condition which can be much more easily treated if it is diagnosed early. Sometimes if a vision problem is left alone to progress, it can become more difficult to be successfully treated at a later time. Just one example is when a child has lazy eye. If this is diagnosed, easy treatment can be provided so that the child’s weak eye can become stronger. This will eventually help both eyes to learn to once again work together in unison to help facilitate excellent eyesight. However, if this problem is not diagnosed, the child’s brain will learn to ignore some of the visual information supplied by one eye, and serious eye problems can develop. For an appointment for your child to see our kids optometrist in Clermont, simply contact us today.


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