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Clermont Eye Shop

Eye Shop in Clermont

Squinting and straining—year after year—does a lot of harm to your eyes. Do it enough, you’ll even wear out the muscles around your eyes, etching deeply-grooved wrinkles. And maybe you’ve avoided eyeglasses because you don’t want to look “silly”. No need to worry. One visit to Optical Outlets’ Clermont eye shop, and you’ll be wondering why a trip wasn’t made sooner.

Clermont Eye Shop

After all, our impressive selection provides a massive variety, tailor-fitted to many tastes. Some of our many brands include: Nike Vision, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Carrera, J-Lo, Boss, Dior, Liz Claiborne, Kensie, Bongo, Calvin Klein, and several more. No need to fret if you haven’t gotten an examination yet. We at Optical Outlets provide that, too. Part of the examination includes a series of questions about your medial history and any vision problems you may (or may not) be experiencing. Kids can get examined at our Clermont eye shop, too. That’s right. Seeing as one in four school-age children experience eye health issues, we make it a priority to also make our services available to them. Yes, we also have a great selection of eyewear for them, too. Because style and practically don’t need to be mutually exclusive. Select from a diverse variety of lenses which include: transitions, anti-reflective, crystalclear a/r, invisible bifocals, mirrored, polarized, polycarbonate, and progressive.

Browse through our many options and find a frame that compliments your face. Rather than struggling to put on contact lenses (which can be easily irritate the eyes after extended usage periods), eyeglasses slip on and off with unencumbered ease. Not to mention that wearing glasses is like having a protective barrier that wards off particles (like pollen) from falling into sensitive eyes. Don’t wait any longer. Visit our Optical Outlets Clermont Eye Shop and start a new chapter in your life.


2391 South Highway 27
Clermont, Florida 34711
(352) 988-2459