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When you get an eye examination you are going to choose between a series of slides that are a fixed on a set image while the lenses in between your eye and those images is shifted back and forth. You’ll hear, “what looks better, side one, or side two; again that’s slide one, or slide two?” That’s business as usual when it comes to a standard eye examination, but what happens when the question is what’s, better, “type one, or type two?” This is the kind of question that you are likely to consider if you are affected by diabetes and are going in for your eye examination. There are so many grey areas if you are new to this and the whole time you can be struck with an overwhelming sense of anxiety regarding the whole process. Luckily for you Optical Outlets is here to help. This Clermont Optometrist has been around the block a few times and is well aware of all the implications and expectations you might have when it comes to you and your diabetes eye examination.

For over thirty years optical outlets has been the name when it comes to type two diabetes eye examinations. In fact they have been doing it since before the term was even coined and it used to be referred to as “adult onset diabetes.” But today the whole game is changed and more and more people are affected by type two every day. That is why this Clermont optometrist is ready to give you the no nonsense heath care you deserve.

Come on in to Optical Outlets and see first hand what this Clermont optometrist is doing so right. You will be pleased with the result and will be able to take over the reigns of your diabetes with a new level of autonomy and care you never thought possible.

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