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Optical Outlets is your premier source for eye exams and optometry supplies, eyeglasses and more. Our diabetic eye exams done by our 34711 optometrist are done annually in order to check for this debilitating disease which can affect eyes greatly. Diabetes tends to harm the small blood vessels in the retina, which is why it’s important to check the back of the eye for any signs of this condition, called diabetic retinopathy. Diabetes can increase the risk of diseases like glaucoma, too. That’s why eye doctors sometimes are the first to detect certain diseases like heart disease, because the condition affects the eye first in some cases.

Our 34711 optometrist can catch eye disease early on with a proper annual exam. It’s important to catch diabetic eye conditions early so that they can be treated and possibly put in check before the disease progresses to a worse stage and causes more eye problems and worse, vision loss or blindness. Many  people do not realize that they are slowly losing their vision over time, thus may think they don’t need an eye exam until something actually happens. This is simply not true. Diabetics especially must make sure that they visit their eye doctor annually for a checkup. Diabetics require special treatment to prevent their eye problems from progressing.

During your visit with our 34711 optometrist, we may give you a dilated eye exam. Eye drops will be administered first to check the blood vessels in the front or middle part of the eye, the back of the eye and the optic nerve. We may use a slit  lamp in order to see the cornea to check for any potential problems. We’ll also ask for a complete health history in order to treat your condition properly and to avoid any potential health threats that can happen in the future.

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