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Eyeglasses in Clermont

If you are purchasing new eyeglasses soon, you will want to come to our vision practice, Optical Outlets, for several reasons. At our practice, we have frame experts who will be able to help you find the best eyeglass frame to work with your prescription needs, fashion sense, face shape, and budget. If you need a new eyeglass prescription, our optometrist will be able to provide you with a comprehensive eye exam that includes a new eyeglass prescription. However, finding the right eyeglass frames is only the beginning of the process when you find your 34711 eyeglasses at our vision practice.


34711 Eyeglasses

Once the eyeglass frames are selected, our optician will then work with you to make sure that you are able to choose the eyeglass lenses which will most closely meet your needs. Our optician will also make sure that the eyeglasses fit your face perfectly. You do not want eyeglasses that pinch you at the temple nor at your nose, nor slide down your nose because they are too loose. If you leave our practice with eyeglasses which do not fit you well, you will probably not want to wear the eyeglasses. However, our opticians make sure that this does not happen with eyeglasses purchased at our store. Our optician will speak to you about the different types of eyeglass lenses that are available. Today there are many different types of eyeglass lenses for your 34711 eyeglasses including high index plastic lenses, progressive lenses, polycarbonate lenses, aspheric lenses, trivia lenses, and photochromic lenses.

High index lenses are often used when you have a strong prescription that calls for a thicker lens. High index lenses are much thinner than regular lenses, and have less of a curve. Aspheric lenses also have less of a curve, providing the 34711 eyeglasses wearer with better peripheral vision. Progressive lenses are lenses which can have more than one vision prescription in the lens. It is very common for eyeglass wearers to get progressive lenses which contain reading glasses and distance lenses. This way, patients do not need to change their glasses when they want to read something close-up. Another advantage of progressive lenses is that they do not have any lines in the lenses to show where one prescription ends and the next begins. This means that people can discreetly wear reading glasses, as well as have a clearer and expanded field of vision. Photochromic lenses will darken when exposed to sunlight, eliminating the need to change to sunglasses when you are outside. Our optician will be happy to talk to you about all of your various lens options, and help you decide which will work best for you and your prescription needs.


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